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Monday, February 14, 2005

Charles Johnson: lynch mob leader AND hypocrit

What do our weary eyes see on LGF this weekend? First a stinging attack against the Daily Kos and Atrios blogs for their role in uncovering the Gannon scandal. Apparently the initiative and resourcefulness shown by these two 'leftie blogs' is too much for Charlie, who accuses them of using "below-the-belt tactics".

Boohoo, below the belt? This from the man who regularly accuses professors/journalists/the entire mainstream media/individual lawyers/school pupils/the ACLU/rival bloggers/politicians/etc of being 'anti-American', mentally ill, or in league with the devil? This from someone who states that the United Nations are one big pedophile ring?

What a freaking hypocrit.

And then dear Charles has the gall to reject the accusation that his hate campaigns resemble the campaigns of Senator Joe 'I hate commies' McCarthy. Can anyone tell us what alternate universe these lizards are living in?

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