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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

LGF: Terrorism against Muslims? Could be a good thing...

A friendly reader points us to the thread 'Muslim School Bombed in Netherlands'. It was started by Charles posting a news snippet about the Muslim school firebombed in the wake of Theo Van Gogh's murder. Now, one would have thought that most LGF readers were rabidly against terrorism and the targeting of civilians, let alone children. Indeed, one LGF poster, Beagle, states plainly: "I condemn all acts of terrorism.". But not all LGFers think that way. Here are some choice quotes:

#2 Teacake! 11/8/2004 08:06AM PST

jihad for jihad

#4 maf 11/8/2004 08:07AM PST

you reap what you sow

#10 traveler 11/8/2004 08:08AM PST

Well, at least someone in the Netherlands is willing to stand up to those murderous savages.

#12 Thom 11/8/2004 08:09AM PST

Good. If the government won't protect their citizens, what are the citizens supposed to do?

Do it themselves.

#19 Marine Momma 11/8/2004 08:11AM PST

I hope they start bombing the mosques too.

#38 Ringo the Gringo 11/8/2004 08:15AM PST

The murder of Theo Van Gogh may be the act that finally starts to turn the tide in Europe.

#42 Bob G. 11/8/2004 08:16AM PST

It's not vigilantism, it's reciprocal sharia.


To be fair, a lot of LGF posters do realise that by welcoming this act they are condoning terrorism, so they make it clear that bombing Muslim schools is neither effective nor justified. Whether this sentiment extends to shelling and carpet-bombing schools and wedding parties in Iraq is another matter...

What's interesting here, though, is how Charles fails to comment on the story at all. This is summed up succinctly by LGF poster Gordon, who says:

"And of course our ringmaster, Charles, stands above the fray, posting his little bombs on this site and then letting his rabid followers figure out which day is best on which to nuke Mecca. And he can smile that Cat-ate-the-canary grin and say 'prove it!'"
Signs of intelligent life on LGF? As more violence takes place against Muslims in the West, it will be interesting to see how the one-sided worldview of your average LGF reader, with Americans and Israelis as the only victims in this war, adapts.

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