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Friday, November 12, 2004

An LGF equation: Right = Good, Left = Bad

Charles is absolutely incensed, INCENSED, about an article in the NY Times that poo-poohs Internet rumours of election miscounts in Florida. In a swipe at Daily Kos, Charles states:

"You’re single-handedly dragging the reputation of blogs into the gutter."
This is pretty heavy stuff, coming from the man who has helped spread the rumours that Arafat died of AIDS, that 380 tons of high explosives weren't stolen from Al Qaqaa, that the BBC was only going to have left-wingers on an election night discussion panel, that 'the Nazis' want Britain to apologise for the Second World War... you get the picture.

Boys and girls, if there's one blog that doesn't know the difference between fact and fiction, wishful thinking and reality, then it's Little Green Footballs. All the Daily Koses of the left don't reach the giddy heights of paranoia and delusion scaled by Charles F Johnson and his foolish followers.

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