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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

LGF idiocy: priceless

You know, that weblog where they go on about how America is doing great things by bringing democracy to the Mulsim world? Seems like that sentiment doesn't extend to Muslims per se, just the ones America is invading right now...

In a thread entitled 'Respect Islam, Do Not Vote', Charles "No Torture" Johnson picks up on a comment by the lunatics at Al Muhajiroon which urges Muslims in Britain NOT to vote in the coming European and Local Elections ( Charlie wholeheartedly supports the sentiments of this fringe group of Muslims, because he too feels that Muslims should not vote. What would the world come to, after all, if Muslims got elected representatives just like everybody else!?

His mini-Lizards take the bait, proceeding to suggest what Muslims should do instead ("BRING A PIG INTO YOUR LOCAL MOSQUE, KILL IT, EAT IT, DOWN IT WITH SOME BOOZE, ALL THE WHILE HAVING SEX WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND AND SINGING HATIKVAH"), what they can do next ("Now if they just packed up the camels and went home...") etc etc.

Thankfully, there is the odd voice of reason, even on LGF (eg: Shame it tends to get banned...

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