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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Conspiracy Theory - LGF style

Charles Johnson has figured out what the world's best intelligence agencies haven't been able to figure out: what happened to those 'weapons of mass destruction' that Saddam Hussein had stockpiled but which mysteriously failed to materialise before, during or after the war. In a posting titled 'WMD Puzzle Begins to Come Together' (, CJ asserts that what ol' Saddam did was dismantle his WMD, crush them into scrap metal, and then secretly ship them out of the country so that nobody would guess he'd ever had them. Cunning plan, eh? There are only a few minor flaws with this theory:

1) If Saddam had WMD, why didn't Saddam hold onto them instead and use them against the invaders?

2) If Saddam really was prepared to scrap his alleged WMD in order to stay in power, why didn't he just hand them over to the UN to do so? It might have led to a loss of face, but less so than being invaded and having to hide in a hole in the ground for weeks...

3)...or better yet, destroy them all himself, and have inspectors come and verify this?

The most likely explanation for the appearance of large amounts of Iraqi scrap metal all over the world is that some enterprising scrap dealers decided to make a bit of money out of selling off disused industrial metal - and possibly even machinery that had once been used to produce weapons. But this is a very long way away from proving Saddam had an arsenal of ready-to-use WMDs in the run-up to the war.

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