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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

LGF: attention span of five paragraphs

Charles Johnson flags up a seemingly horrific story about mass genital mutilation of defenceless baby girls all over Indonesia, and blames Islam (

However, anyone actually reading the entire article will find that it repeatedly differentiates between the genital mutilation practised in some African countries (and for which there is no Islamic requirement) and the circumcision practised in Indonesia. Moreover, Mr Johnson's assertion that "90% of Islamic mothers surveyed support the barbaric practice" is incorrect. There is no mention of the mothers' religion in the article. So, once again Charles Johnson takes any opportunity to point the finger of moral outrage at Islam, without bothering to check his facts first.

Charles Johnson might like to read about another place where mass circumcision of neonatal infants takes place on a routine basis: America. Let's see if he picks up on this one.

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