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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Et tu, Zombie?

Charles Johnson, Tuesday:

This turn toward the extreme right on the part of Fox News is troubling, and will achieve nothing in the long run except further marginalization of the GOP—unless people start behaving like adults instead of angry kids throwing tantrums and ranting about conspiracies and revolution.

Charles' faithful doppelgänger Zombie, yesterday:

The goal of the “gay agenda,” or whatever you want to call it, is (according to the queer theorists themselves) to recast all of culture, and I mean all of culture, from a queer perspective. It is to forever bring an end to “heteronormativity,” which means the presumptive interpretation of reality through a straight lens. This is to be replaced with the presumptive interpretation of reality through a gay lens. Hence all of history, all of contemporary society, all of literature, all of social sciences, all of politics, all social norms are to reinterpreted from a queer perspective — or at least what the activists have defined as a queer perspective.

This goal has absolutely nothing to do with “equal rights” or “gay marriage” or anything like that. The goal is to forge yet another form of “identity politics,” to contrive a new significant minority group. And the reason for that is to create yet one more stress fracture through society, to accelerate its splintering into a million warring factions, so that there is a general breakdown of society, as a necessary prerequisite for revolution. Complete fundamental revolution — not just a political revolution.

Any feeling of unity among people, of trans-divisional solidarity, of contentment, needs to be wiped away. Because a contented society will never consent to revolution. This is the whole purpose of identity politics, or race-baiters, of “queer studies,” of the whole seemingly incomprehensible obsession with “race, class and gender,” of any movement which intentionally causes rifts in the cohesion of American society: the ultimate goal is the eradication of all pre-existing social norms, so that we can “start afresh” with an entirely new moral code and social structure after a fundamental revolution.

Some queer theorists are aware of this ultimate goal, but some are not. They go through the motions, not even cognizant of why they’re doing it, content to go with the flow. But if you read the foundational documents, the deep theorists, then the overarching goal is laid out plain to see.

I’m all for equal rights for everyone, just as you are — but you are dreadfully naive if you think this has anything to do with equal rights or even with sexuality per se, bi- or otherwise. This is about the push for revolution.

And I’m not calling it a “communist” revolution for a reason, because it goes way beyond mere “communism,” way beyond just economics. I think even Marx himself would be shocked and mortified at what he has unleashed, or at least what he has inspired. But actually it’s not his fault: there have been attempts at Total Revolution in the past, some successful, some not: the Christianization of the Roman Empire; the Islamic conquest of the Middle East; the French Revolution; the Great Leap Forward/Cultural Revolution in China; the Khmer Rouge takeover of Cambodia; etc. In most cases, successful or not, the end result was wholesale slaughter, and the subsequent new social order and moral code was no better than the one it replaced.

Evidently Charles' post was directed at the "teabagging" movement, not at fellow-travelers conjuring up evidence of a sinister homosexual conspiracy to press Little Pink Books into the hands of all Americans and force everyone into same-sex marriages. Nonetheless, Zombie's rant has more than a whiff of lunatic paranoia about it.

To this day, we still don't know where Charles stands on the issue of same-sex marriage, and we suspect that won't change anytime soon; but as the desperate opponents of equal rights -- many of whom are allied, blogospherically and otherwise, with Charles' most fervent enemies -- frantically ramp up their mendacious attacks on gay and lesbian Americans, the issue will become more and more difficult for him to ignore.


Anonymous said...

Zombie is merely reflecting the sentiments prevalent at any Left-wing rally, whether it be supposedly in favour of some race, gender or sexual preference or other. Thus one can see radicals simultaneously expressing outrage at racism whilst putting forth the most anti-Semitic diatribes, or supporting Islamic sharia in the name of feminism, or a host of other non-sequitors. The only real sin at these rallies is to express an opinion that does not correspond with that of the Marxists - the more it diverges, the more abuse one receives, regardless of the opinion or the facts backing it up. This is also how, for example, people at such rallies can be extremely pro-Saddam in 1997 whilst denying ever having been so in 2007.

I suspect the "conspiracy theories" Mr. Johnson decries discussing are those involving questions regarding Obama's birthplace, or UN black helicopters, or the 9-11 attack or the like - that is, ones that are built from the ground up without evidence. Obviously demonstrable "conspiracies" (such as those involving Christian fundamentalist attempts to have evolution taught in the schools, or the support for violent Marxist revolution, expressed on placards at their protests and by their represenatives at open meetings, amongst members of the ISO/ANSWER).

Indeed - in regards the latter, Zombie has made a point to document this sort of behavior. That accumulation of photographic evidence, and not his loyalty to LGF and Mr, Johnson, is what he is primarily known for.

There are plenty of issues to criticise the moderator of LGF on. His inclination not to provide a forum for unsubstantiated conspiracy constructs is not one of them. If there is any coherent theme there, it is that arguments presented are either backed by evidence and plenty of it, or they and their purveyors be damned.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Zombie likes to go to 'gay' events & 'document' their behavior by taking many many photographs (the more salacious the better), which he pores over and studies intently before selecting his favorites for posting on his blog.

Then he smokes a cigarette and damns them queers & their agenda.

Anonymous said...

Hey look, Charles has come right over to your side guys. You can take him on as an ally now and drop the pretense that you, him, and most of his followers are not sympatico.

Anonymous said...

Lizard: the anger management target market