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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Charles Johnson: blind on one eye

Now that LGF is back online we can go back to bashing it with a good conscience. Yay!

First, a harrowing story of South American-style violence being co-opted by the forces of darkness. No, of course Charles isn't interested in reports that the Pentagon is looking into establishing death squads in Iraq reminiscent of El Salvador in the 1980s. What's got Charles' beef is the tabloid scaremongering of the Boston Herald, which asserts that no lesser force than AL QAEDA is getting involved with gangs in East Boston.

If you spent just a few moments thinking about this, you'd realise that, even if this improbably story were true, it would be more of a bonus than a malus in the War on Terror(TM). Why? Because a) gangs have a history of being very stupid and infighting a lot and b) slipping informants and agents into a gang is a hell of a lot easier than slipping them into a 'terror' organisation. By cooperating with a gang Al Qaeda would be handing Homeland Security its head on a plate. But lizards don't think...

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