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Monday, July 26, 2004

Lizard brood idiocy

[yes, we're having a posting bonanza today ;-) ]

Once in a while, just to remind yourself of the level of conversation that passes for discussion on LGF, you need to read the comments section. Here you will find all manner of ranting and raving, swearing and spitting; but very little else. Should anyone but attempt to engage the Lizard King's scaly minions s/he will quickly find that they're not interested in showing their most intelligent side (should there even be one). No, before you can say LoonyLizardLilliputians Zulubaby, 'Nam Grunt and Co will open their orifices and cease only when you've left the little dears alone to wallow in their self-satisfied muck.

Don't believe us? Start reading this thread around comment #166:

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