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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Strange days indeed

Michelle Malkin, like most of her fellow Pajamazoids, is unequivocally pro-Israel.

She must rue the day she agreed to become an opinion-monger for, whose Paul Craig Roberts is, just as unequivocally, bashing Israel.

Likewise, dear Pammy must be reconsidering her decision to lend her support to Blogs for Condi, to whom she now refers as "an abject failure."

Meanwhile, Michael J. Totten has been forced to disable comments after a post in which he relayed a distress call from a friend of his in Lebanon was promptly flooded by vile comments from his supposed ideological confrères on the Right -- including one from fellow PJM-er Roger L. Simon.

There's even been an outbreak of dissension over at The Corner, with Pajamas Media's own John Podhoretz dismissing his colleague Michael "Faster Please" Ledeen's megalomaniac rantings as "science-fictional."

And finally, those who are busy bashing Jacques Chirac for criticizing Israel might be interested to know that his arch-enemy Jean-Marie Le Pen is doing the same:

Jean-Marie Le Pen expresses his deep concern over Israel's military interventions in Palestine and now in Lebanon.

These hostilities, which increasingly resemble acts of war, could not be justified by the kidnapping, however shocking, of one or two Israeli soldiers.

There's been no mention of Le Pen's statement at PJM's favorite anti-French blog, No Pasaran. Most peculiar.


Joe said...

Well Le Pen is a goose-stepping anti-american schmuck, just like the PS, CPF, and neo-nazis in Germany. They have a staggering amount in common.

Like the left, they see authority over every matter in social life and high taxation to make government into the conduit through which the entire culture is managed as a priority.

For all of them is stems from a distruct for people making their own choices - a very European thing. They carry around the conceit that they have their freedoms, but they usually onyl find them when they move abroad.

Islam And The West said...

I would like to thank you for creating and managing this blog.

As a Muslim who is at the receiving end of the blind hate and invective against Muslims and Islam that blogs like LFG promote as reasoned debate I found your blog a breath of fresh air.

It reassures me that there is still a degree of sanity left in this world.
A feeling that is somewhat missing when one reads blogs like LFG.

Erik said...

In no way is No Pasaran an anti-French website. It is a common sense website and an anti-double standards website.

With so many inhabitants of France trying to pass over (and dismiss offhand) any criticism as little else but anti-French prejudice, the distinction is quite important. Note that these are the same people who are always saying haughtily they are only against America's leaders and against Washington's policies, not against Americans themselves. But it's not a two-way rue (street).

A(nother) case of double standards which helps explain why we blog.