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Sunday, January 29, 2006

File under "Duh"

L.A. Observed observes (emphasis added):

In the February issue of Los Angeles magazine, R.J. Smith examines Pajamas Media to ask whether it is a fledgling media phenomenon or a blip with $3.5 million in seed money, paid staff, polling by Nielsen and earnest promotion by blogger/founders Roger L. Simon and Charles Johnson. One obstacle, Smith writes, is that big national advertisers may not want to be connected with the "constitutionally protected hate speech" found in the reader comments at Johnson's Little Green Footballs and some other political sites.
In the blogosphere harvesting hits equal success. Buzz is good. But it's the extremists who get the most viewers, those on either end of the spectrum who say stuff that isn't often heard from the "respectable middle." Advertisers want hits, too, but they don't want to be associated with extremists.

Simon ducked out of commenting on LGF's effect on ad sales and Johnson wouldn't return Smith's calls. Neither would Aubrey Chernick, Pajamas Media's lead financier. Smith writes that Chernick's involvement with NC4, a company that advises the government on anti-terrorism preparations, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee fuels talk that "the question isn't whether the administration will turn its media manipulation efforts to blogs. It's when."

Gee, ya think?

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Anonymous said...

Just as Tony Pierce speculated about in early December.

Kevin said...

US Psyops?

No it just couldn't be.

Chaz and Adolph would never lower themselves to this, would they?

The Liberal Avenger said...

Michelle Malkin taking money from AIPAC.


Richard said...

Anyone have any links with background on Chernick? I'd esp. like to know more about his Jewish involvement--AIPAC & any other groups. At my blog, one of my subspecialties is mini-exposes on the right-wing ties of Jewish neo-cons. Let's just say that AIPAC is not my friend.

Also, when the article is available online I hope you'll provide a link to it.

Staff said...

The Bushies are going to find that the blogosphere is a little more difficult to corrupt than the MSM.