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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Prussian Bluehaha

"Pajamas Media staff & contributors in Portland and Los Angeles" have uncovered shocking evidence of crypto-Nazi sympathies at Time-Warner. Using time-honored techniques of "insinuendo" (to quote Spiro Agnew) and half-truths, they take the unwillingness of Teen People magazine, which is published by Time-Warner, to identify a Nazi singing duo as "a Nazi singing duo" and use it to launch a general attack on Time-Warner and the "liberal media" as a whole.

And you know what? They might be onto something. We here at the LGF Watch Executive Editorial Staff Committee have uncovered further evidence to support the notion that Time-Warner has fascist sympathies.

Here, for example, is the cover of TIME Magazine's issue dated April 25, 2005:

It features a largely sympathetic profile of Ann Coulter, who in 2003 remarked:

Foreigners were relentlessly staging raids on our border, which was defended by a hapless bunch of incompetents at the Immigration and Naturalization Service. But the only complaints about the INS came from conservatives. Liberals view their own noncompliance with immigration laws as a sort of neighbor-friendly program. They think America is a department store, and that no one can be denied entry.
Those remarks were published on, an anti-immigration website to which Pajamas Media blogger Michelle Malkin is also a leading contributor.

Now, here is a photo of two little girls who evidently agree with Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin:

And here's a photo of their mom:

And some of their supporters:

As you might already have guessed, those last three photos pertain to the Nazi bimbettes about whom neither Teen People nor Pajamas Media are willing to report fully. For just as Teen People apparently tried to whitewash (so to speak) their pro-Hitler sympathies, Pajamas Media refuses even to run a picture of them. Much less one that exposes their anti-immigration sentiments.

But as you can see, we here at the Senior LGF Watch Staff Editorial Committee Board have no such qualms. We will, however, refrain from mentioning where you can get one of those lovely "Stop Immigration" T-shirts, because the people selling them are virulent neo-Nazi racists and we wouldn't want to send them any business.

Now, does all this mean that all anti-immigration activists are white supremacists or neo-Nazis? Of course not. Such a claim would be almost as absurd as, say, conflating Islam with terrorism. Or the idea that there is some sort of Nazi-media-leftist nexus that is seeking to rehabilitate the memory of Adolf Hitler. But that is apparently what we're meant to infer from Pajamas Media's reporting on Time-Warner's reporting (or lack thereof -- the Teen People article was killed) on "Prussian Blue."

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UPDATE: Another fantastic Coulter quote to add to this piece is,
"My libertarian friends are probably getting a little upset now but I think that's because they never appreciate the benefits of local fascism." - MSNBC February 8, 1997


geekpuk2 said...

As a hetero bashful brown man, I have a thing for fascist white blondes.

Over 18, of course.

adultmalebluegrouse said...

Love the T-shirts. 'Stop immigration now'.

White American descendants. Of European settlers. Against immigration.


Mr. Spock said...

FWIW Jonah Goldberg's new book also features a smiley face with a Hitler mustache.

Stephen Green said...

What surprises me about Teen People's unwillingness to report on the darling girls' neo-nazi sympathies is that the girls themselves make no effort to hide this. A visit to their website, where they openly print some of their song lyrics, brings us a song dedicated to Rudolph Hess, Robert Matthews, and William Pierce. Such nice little girls. Such nice parents they have to exploit them so.