Little Green Footballs

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Aww, diddums

Wikipedia has a "fatal flaw." Thus spaketh Charles Johnson unto his saurian horde.

The "flaw," according to Charles, is the fact that the Wikipedia article about LGF says some mean things about his site -- and there's absolutely nothing he can do about it.


Jolly Roger said...

You know them wingnuts don't like to hear anything other than what they want to hear.

Jihadis in business suits, dontcha know?

iCeD said...

Of course, the second that some kind of inflammatory information on Kos, Dan Rather, Islam, or any other frequent LGF target is thrown onto Wikipedia, they will cheer and hail it as the triumph of truth over wikifascism, or some equally retarded portmanteau.

Best part about that post was that in scanning the comments section of that post (something that ranks just above "shoving a rusty nail into my toe" on my list of fun things to do) I couldn't find a single example of the alleged bias that they were whining about, which basically plays into my theory that LGF whines just to whine.

RZ said...

"The incredibly biased and one-sided entry for Little Green Footballs at Wikipedia is an object example of the worthlessness of this online user-edited encyclopedia for anything besides simple factual articles. The various factions that work to smear LGF and myself have overwhelmed our entry with negative coverage."

Heh. Charles thinks that allowing people to contribute to an encyclopedia is worthless "for anything besides simply factual articles." However, looking at his blogroll, you can see he thinks that any jerk with a website and an axe to grind (against Muslims) somehow has more credbility than the New York Times's Middle East news bureau. Hypocrisy, thy name is Charles Johnson.