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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Loser, pervert, gun nut

That's the portrait that emerges of Naveed Haq, the deranged creature who murdered a woman and shot five others in Seattle last week.

It's amazing what you can learn by doing good old-fashioned journalism -- like, you know, talking to people. As opposed to the "journalism" -- one might even call it anti-journalism -- practiced by people like Charles Johnson, Michelle Malkin, etc., all of whom have chosen to ignore reports that Haq was, based on his having been recently baptized, a Christian -- while simultaneously accusing the MSM of "whitewashing" Haq's alleged identity as a jihadi.

But that's just one more word that the Newspeak crowd is trying to redefine into meaninglessness, along with "terrorism," "treason," "patriotism," "anti-Semitism," and so on.

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MJ said...

Jeez, from the headline I thought this was going to be an Iron Fist post!