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Monday, August 07, 2006


Would someone care to remind us why CNN is universally reviled as the "Crescent News Network" over in pajama-land?

Just a few minutes ago, CNN International (which of course is the worst kind of CNN, and a thinly-disguised Communist front organization) aired a piece about the "Darker Shade of Grey" flapette, a.k.a "Billowgate," which you may have heard about.

"It's the photo that launched a thousand blogs," said the announcer, Hala Gorani.

Cut to the Beirut bombing photo with blinky red boxes.

"...Especially Charles Johnson of the [unlinkable -ed.] site 'Little Green Footballs.' He said said smoke had been added to the images, probably using the Photoshop clone tool."

Cut to the Israel flare photo.

Cut to black & white photo of Charles posing against a brick wall, with V/O saying this is "not the first time he has claimed a scalp" and going on to discuss the "CBS Airing Documents Of Questionable Authenticity Concerning Bush's Mysterious Whereabouts" foofaraw of 2004, which you might be familiar with.

This was followed by a piece about a brave 92-year old Israeli woman and her brave 63-year-old son, Shimon Givaon, a reservist in the IDF. A couple of other brave, sixtyish IDF volunteers were also interviewed.

Damn that Jew-hating liberal Islamo-Marxist MSM!

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getalife said...

Just saw it.

Big fucking deal.

Jump into the polical arena like kos coward.