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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

How to cheapen the suffering of Jews (2)

Write a clumsy, unfunny, semi-coherent, and downright trashy piece of "satire" that equates Saddam's WMDs with Auschwitz, and Olmert with Churchill, then rejoice as it gets featured at -- where else? -- Pajamas Media.

The peace-hating freaks who run PJM, driven to inchoate rage by this momentary lull in their cherished World War Whatever, just can't seem to get the anti-peace propaganda up fast enough -- even at the expense of frequent typos ($7 million and they still can't consistently spell the word "Israel" correctly?), misidentifying news as opinion and vice versa, and the inclusion of outright rubbish like Legrand's profoundly stupid tirade.


Pierre Legrand said...

Olmert as Churchill? I can see why you would think so but that wasn't the point. The point was to make fun of people like you who think that peace at all costs is preferable to war. Olmert is no warrior that much is obvious by his capitulation to the terrorists.

Your obvious lack alarm at a group of people who are attempting to murder you is the stuff of satire.

Winston Smith said...

Nonetheless, your little essay presupposes that if something like Auschwitz were happening now, the mainstream media (not to mention people like Valerie Wilson) would intentionally ignore it while actively trying to undermine their own governments.

As much of a murderous butcher as Saddam was, the fact that he *might* have had WMDs stashed in the desert somewhere -- which, let us not forget, was the stated reason for the invasion -- in no way resembled a genocide in progress.

And thanks for your concern about my well-being, but I choose not to let those scary bad men frighten me. Some of us are just made of sterner stuff, I guess.

Pierre Legrand said...

Thats where we differ, the mainstream media is indeed trying to undermine our war effort. Just like you they believe that Bush is a bigger danger than the Terrorists. Like I said the stuff of satire.

Winston Smith said...

"Just like you they believe that Bush is a bigger danger than the Terrorists."

Classic strawman argument. Just because you want to believe that people believe this, doesn't make it true.

Just out of curiosity, have you *ever* had an original thought of your own?