Little Green Footballs

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fearless predictions

Italy will win the World Cup final tonight. And the lizards will react as follows:

Within 90 seconds of the final whistle, someone will make a stupendously witty and original remark incorporating the words "cheese," "surrender," and "monkeys."

Within 3 minutes, at least seven lizards will ululate.

Within 8 minutes, someone will repeat that "who is a man" gag.

Within 15 minutes, at least three people will cast aspersions on the ethnic background of losing team captain Zinedine Zidane.

Within 20 minutes, at least six people will mention Lance Armstrong.

And finally, within the first hour, a grand total of zero lizards will see fit to remind anyone about all the horrible things they were saying about Italy just a couple of months ago.

[UPDATE 10 July 6.18am -- Well, one out of seven isn't bad... apart from a few desultory "Viva Italia!" remarks, Charles and his lizards reacted to the world's most-watched sporting event by thoroughly ignoring it.]


Nuclear Cop said...

I'm disappointed that Charles has really dropped the ball here (so to speak). A muslim arab immigrant headbutted a right-wing racist and no posts at all from Charlie! Scandal!

lobbey_dosser said...

Yes, Charles really missed this one, a half Algerian Immigrant 'chest buts' a good upstanding white man (despite being a racist prick). Usually makes lots of milage on such incidents, even when he makes them up.