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Sunday, July 23, 2006

DailyKos Watch Watch

Since Thursday, Charles Johnson has posted no fewer than 7 articles in which he baldly accuses DailyKos of being a haven for anti-Semites. He's apparently spent hours and hours searching through hundreds of DailyKos "diaries" to find the ones that most support his thesis.

Which makes it all the more amazing that he's been able to find only one anti-Hezbollah "diary" there -- and naturally goes after the commenters, while conveniently failing to mention that at least half of them support the author's anti-Hezbollah and pro-Israel position.

A few "diaries" that Charles seems to have missed:

Hezbollah apologists are getting ridiculous

A Response to Walt-Mearsheimer

The Mideast: Clarifying Our Differences

Poll: 49% of respondents believe Hezbollah's actions are just as bad as, or worse than, Israel's

Charles' jihad against the DailyKos is a case study in psychological projection. LGF is an ideologically-pure, 100% pro-Israel and anti-Muslim and pro-Republican site; so, in the warped worldview of Charles and his obedient lizards, who invariably describe "The Kossacks" as a monolithic, Borg-like entity, every site occupying the opposite end of the political spectrum must therefore be the exclusive preserve of Jew-hating Islamo-Marxo-Nazis who want to destroy America, and yearn for shari'a, and miss the USSR, etc. et al. ad nauseam.

It may be -- to paraphrase Dorothy Parker -- that the gamut of political opinion over at DailyKos runs from A to B; but that's still at least twice as much leeway as you'd ever get over at LGF or any one of its sister right-wing hate sites, where not even the slightest deviation from the Party Line is ever tolerated.

1 comment:

Richard said...

DailyKos IS a haven for one person who doesn't seem to give much of a s&!t about the current Lebanon crisis: that's Kos himself.

He wrote an outrageous (to my mind) story at DKos saying the crisis was a "clusterfuck" but that there was nothing that any blogger, President or UN could do to resolve it.

Gee, thanks Kos for yr support for a progressive perspective on the conflict. With "friends" like you...

Anyway, of course I'm in agreement with your post. But even one's allies can piss one off sometimes.