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Friday, June 02, 2006

Bizarro World revisited

Last month, we noticed some interesting things just a click or two away from the Pajamas Media sidebar.

One of the items concerned prominent Pajamazoid LaShawn Barber, a black lady who is quite fond of the idea that black people are stupid. Miss Barber subsequently left a comment here in which she proudly declared, "I tread where others fear to tread, exploring controversial and "dangerous" ideas. No physical or mental chains on me."

Well, OK then. Let's see what "controversial and 'dangerous' ideas" Miss Barber has been exploring lately, shall we?

Here's one. Miss Barber is quite taken with the ideas espoused by a fellow called Mark, who writes a blog called "Western Survival," and who thinks Miss Barber should be forced to leave her home, relinquish her U.S. citizenship, and take up residence in a walled-off Bantustan somewhere.

Yes, really.

Miss Barber, we do hope you're reading this, so that you might tell us where in the U.S. you'd like your new homeland to be. And whether you would, in keeping with your vaunted chainlessness, go willingly.

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Nuclear Cop said...

Shorter 'Mark': Ein volk, ein reich, ein blogger!