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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bizarro World, Episode III: The Reich Strikes Back

Under the category "Cultural Decline," prominent Pajamazoid LaShawn Barber complains about the alleged "double standard" practiced by the eeeevil Atheo-Liberalo-Marxo-Femino-Muslim Conspiracy against two teenaged singers who, per Miss Barber, are nothing more or less than exponents of "white pride."

Um, LaShawn?

They're not just proud of being white -- they're Nazis. Those cute li'l all-American white girls are, in fact, goose-stepping, stiff-arm-saluting, swastika-worshiping, Jew-hating admirers of Adolf Hitler.

The "anger" expressed by right-thinking people against the Gaede twins has nothing to do with their advocacy of "white pride." It's because they're Nazis.


Sporty said...

Isn't LaShawn just precious? She is sticking up for the rights of white supremacists to stick it to her race.

Makes one proud to be a Lizaroid, doesn't it?

Nuclear Cop said...

I thought everyone knew that LaShawn was a Dave Chappelle character.

Cornelius said...

They're not Nazi's. Nazi's were destroyed with the 3rd Reich.

They're simply white supremacists, which La Shawn acknowleged in her blog post. Just like the Indian supremacists of La Raza and black supremacists of the Nation of Islam.

To try and cast them as Nazi's is rather absurd. Supremacist by definition find others inferior, be they Jews or anyone else.

If these girls were stoking the ovens, then you'd have a point. But as per most your posts, your simply blabbering.

Winston Smith said...

No, they're not "simply" white supremacists. They explicitly admire the Nazi régime.

Which technically means they're "neo-Nazis," since -- as you point out -- they didn't wriggle out of their mama's white womb until 50 years or so after their hero Hitler died.

However, a fundamentalist Muslim bent on terrorism doesn't have to be a card-carrying al-Qaeda member (not that there is such a thing) to be rightfully considered an Islamo-fascist. Likewise, those little darlings may not have Nazi Party cards (and if you think there are no Nazis in today's world, you're sadly mistaken, but they might as well have.

Now be a good little Knabe and scurry on back to Stormfront, mkay?