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Monday, May 15, 2006

We get mail

A reader writes:

In Charles' world, there are good guys (people who hate Muslims) and bad guys (people that don't). He analyzes virtually every issue by shoehorning people into one of the two categories and then reciting the usual rhetoric, whether it makes sense or not.

In his mind, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Good Girl. Therefore, those who want her deported from the Netherlands must be Bad Guys - in other words, liberals. So Charles convinces himself that Ali's deportation is the work of leftist Muslim-appeasers.

Except, as usual, Charles doesn't seem to have read the story he links to. It is clearly stated that the lawmaker calling for Ali's deportation was Hilbrand Nawijn. A few minutes' Google searching, even if you don't read Dutch, will reveal that Nawijn is a conservative; he started out in the anti-immigrant Pim Fortuyn party, and later was linked with the extreme-right Belgian Vlaams Belang. This is not particuarly surprising - European conservatives are typically the first to pounce on immigration fraud, real or imagined, as any glance at a British tabloid will tell you.

But Charles' mind can't handle the cognitive dissonance - the same right-wingers he normally supports were pushing for the expulsion of someone he likes. So he ducks the issue by inventing a straw man.

With all due respect to our correspondent, we're not sure whether Senior European Affairs Analyst Charles Johnson really possesses such in-depth knowledge of the Dutch political scene. Case in point: his flip-flop on Dutch Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk, whom he acclaimed last June and October for her firm stances on radical imams and burqas, respectively.

Now he's come around to the POV shared by many of the longtime posters at Expatica, most of whom are expatriates (hence the name) living in the Netherlands, and who have extensive first-hand knowledge of the Draconian immigration policies enacted by Verdonk -- with ample support from Hirsi Ali, of course.

And if all this still hasn't pegged your hypocrisy detector, just wait till later tonight, when Charles' favorite faux Texan reveals his plan for keeping illegal immigrants out of the United States.

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