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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Verdonk files

Some recent highlights from the career of Dutch Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk:

June 2005: Deports radical imams; lizards driven to rapturous ecstasy:

#150 BabbaZee 6/17/2005 06:01AM PDT

Immigration and Integration Minister Rita Verdonk..........

May her name live Forever!

Righteous woman.

#404 alegrias 6/17/2005 09:01AM PDT

Too bad we can't clone Holland's brave mullah-kicking Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk--she's got more testosterone than all our wimpy dems put together and KNOWS who are the terrorists and human rights violators.

I'd like to see this Dutchwoman in a match against [U.S. Senate Minority Leader Dick] Durbin--toss him and the mullahs back to their rotten caliphate.


October 2005: Proposes a nationwide ban on burqas, is again praised by lizards:
#52 Black George Bush 10/12/2005 10:49PM PDT
Rita Verdonk, you go girl!

#78 mpax 10/13/2005 05:31AM PDT
Rita Verdonk
I think I love her.


March 2006: Threatens to deport gay and Christian refugees to Iran; lizards curiously silent.

May 2006: Becomes the symbol of everything the right-wing élite loathes about "Europe."

Well, what took them so long?

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Arjan said...

Er mate, not really sure whom you're referring to when you're discussing the 'right-wing elite', but just for the record: I am also a member of the Big Brother Awards (privacy stuff) prizes in the Netherlands, and we unanimousy voted Verdonk to be the worst privacy offender in 2005, as her actions in the Congo asylum cases endangered lives. That was January:

But thanks for the link, anyway.