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Saturday, May 13, 2006

A new low

Senior Political Affairs Analyst Charles Johnson has now accused the Democratic Party of being a haven for Holocaust deniers.

It seems that a Nazi freak called Larry Darby is running in the Democratic primary for Attorney General of Alabama.

In his jubilant post about this, Charles conveniently omits the following bit:

The state Democratic chairman, Joe Turnham, said the party began an nvestigation last week after hearing about some of Darby's comments in a television interview.

While the party supports the free-speech rights of any candidate, Turnham said some of Darby's views appear to be in "a realm of thought that is unacceptable."

"Any type of hatred toward groups of people, especially for political gain, is completely unacceptable in the Alabama Democratic Party," said Turnham.

It is unclear whether the party could do anything at this point, although the party could decline to certify the results should he win.

Instead, he excerpts Darby's description of the "Holocaust industry" (now where have we seen that sort of thing before?) and mentions the fact that Darby plans to speak at a National Vanguard conference next week.

Longtime LGF watchers may remember how proud Charles was when, last year, he claimed responsibility for getting National Vanguard removed from the Google News feed ( ). Which is very convenient for Charles, because if their particular brand of vile racist and homophobic and anti-Semitic bigotry were still available on Google News, Charles might make an unpleasant discovery: that quite a lot of it is sourced from ... you guessed it! ... the Brussels Journal.

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ajsuhail said...

But will Charles condemn this guy?