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Friday, May 12, 2006

Meanwhile, in Belgium

More violence on the blood-soaked streets of Eurabiastan, where godless secular hedonists cower under the totalitarian jackboot of Islamo-marxo-femino-enviro-Euro tyranny.

A black woman and a white girl were shot dead by a teenage skinhead in Antwerp yesterday [Wednesday, ed.].

The 18-year-old killer, believed to have far-Right sympathies, also wounded a Turkish woman.

The killings shocked Belgium and were swiftly condemned by the prime minister, Guy Verhofstadt.

Witnesses said the youth gunned down the woman in the city centre around noon along with a young white girl she was minding. Both died instantly.

The skinhead, dressed in black and carrying a rifle, had shot the Turkish woman earlier but police said her wounds were not life-threatening.

The killing spree ended when he was shot and wounded by police. He was under armed guard in hospital last night. Mr Verhofstadt said: "This terrible, cowardly murder is a form of extreme racism. It should be clear to everyone what the extreme Right can lead to."

Antwerp is a stronghold of the anti-immigration Flemish Interest party, which also condemned the killings.

But thus far, there hasn't been a peep from Charles Johnson's favorite Europeans over at the Brussels Journal, which is too busy bashing immigrants to spare any thoughts for victims of immigrant-bashing. Quelle surprise.

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