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Monday, May 15, 2006

How stupid are the lizards?

Let us count the ways.


#40 Just_A_Grunt 5/15/2006 11:16AM PDT

The Netherlands will only hasten their demise as a once proud Scandinavian culture that at one time spawned such warriors as the Vikings.

Hey, stupid: The Netherlands is not a Scandinavian country. Go look at a map of Europe. (Here's one.) See the big long countries at the top? Those are Norway and Sweden, which are the two largest Scandinavian countries. The little blotchy one just under those big long countries is "Denmark." The "Netherlands" is the little light-blue one that has a hook-like thingie sticking into the water (which is the dark blue stuff). See? Not Scandinavian.

#7 Ward Cleaver 5/15/2006 08:10AM PDT

Great news. Welcome Ms. Ali.

On the other hand, no more Danish ham. Of course in a few years there won't be any Danish ham.


Hey, stupid: Denmark and the Netherlands are two different countries. Denmark is in Scandinavia; the Netherlands isn't. (See #1 above.) Both countries are small and flat, speak Germanic languages, and have shorelines on the North Sea, but the similarities end there. Is your tiny little brain really that confoozled by the fact that the words 'Danish' and 'Dutch' both start with 'D'?

#48 TalkinKamel 5/15/2006 08:22AM PDT

As far as being a country, I think Holland's washed up. It's already practically living under Shari'a.

Hey, stupid: Go to Amsterdam and say that to a Dutch guy sitting at a café with his husband, as they wash down ham sandwiches with glasses of beer. Then, go steal something. I can guarantee you won't have your hand cut off. You might, if you're so inclined, end this pleasant day out with a walk through the Red-Light District, where scantily-clad women gyrate in plate-glassed cubicles while waiting for men to have sex with them. None of them -- trust me on this! -- will be wearing a burqa.

Christ on a cracker, how do people with so few functioning brain cells manage to make it through the day?


adultmalebluegrouse said...



Hulburdin said...

In a paranoid's world it is just "Them or Us". No need for details in the outside world ...

lobbey_dosser said...

and after walking through the red light district, that Ducth couple can pop into a coffeeshop and legally buy cannabis and/or magic mushrooms. Very Sharia !

M. Sphinx said...

Well they do have a lot of take-aways selling Shoarma there.