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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Free speech, Dutch style

Unaccustomed as we are to providing even the teensiest smidgen of aid or the minutest speck of comfort to anything resembling a lizard-like life form, it is nonetheless with the utmost glee that we present the following images for your delectation:




"Rita" is, of course, Dutch Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk, who was the darling of the right-wing élite until just the other day, when her anti-immigration jihad backfired in a spectacular -- and highly gratifying -- fashion.

Before entering politics, she was a prison administrator.

Oh, and about those banners: Last autumn, eleven deportees died in a fire at a detention center near Schiphol airport outside Amsterdam. Some blamed Verdonk's Draconian immigration policies for the deaths, and deployed banners similar to the ones above. She filed an official protest against them, and some of the ones in Amsterdam were forcibly removed by riot police.

Those of you of the lizardoid persuasian who nonetheless agree with the opinions expressed on those banners -- that Ms. Verdonk should fuck off, go back to jail, and be deported (not necessarily in that order) -- may wish to find a suitably sturdy piece of furniture on which to brace yourselves, for the source of those images is the evilest den of evil evildoers in the entire known universe. You know, Indymedia.


Richard said...

And now she's gone and revoked the citizenship of Hirsi Ali, doyenne of the anti-Islamic LGF crowd (& Verdonk's erstwhile ally in the right-wing Dutch party they both belong to). Thinks get curiouser & curiouser.

And now we'll be welcoming Hirsi Ali to our shores in the form of a lucrative position at the American Enterprise Institue where she can spout her anti-Muslim screed at a well-heeled American right-wing audience which will pay her big speaking fees for her troubles.

I tell you it really pays to hate Muslims these days.

I should make clear that I'm not discounting the very real troubles that this woman faced in her fight to be a free woman within, & then outside a Muslim culture. I'm not denying her right to criticize Islam for this. I'm not denying that there are Muslim crazies out there who want her dead & that the former are very bad dudes who should be fought w. every ounce of our democratic strength.

But I am attacking her for making this into a comprehensive, all-inclusive attack on Islam which leads her into alliances with folks like the AEI crowd & Verdonk.

dawud al-gharib said...

It's interesting how the racists and people who hate muslims, brown-skinned folk, and those non 'judeo-christian volk' (never mind that some of those 'christian' folk secretly hate jews, but are willing to use israel to beat arabs over the heads with - or worse, as a way to 'bring on' Armageddon) - like to use Ayaan Ali as a lightning rod, and a codpiece for their loathing of muslim immigrants.

After all, she can say all the repulsive and hateful things against immigrants that they wish they could say but would be criticised for (think of Daniel Pipes writing "Europe is not prepared for waves of brown-skinned muslim immigrants with smelly food... and having less than *Germanic standards of hygiene*" [f*** you, Daniel, do you actually admire death camps?]

Making Michelle Malkin or Ayaan Ali their mouthpieces means that they can pretend that they care about women, minorities, social integration issues - in the same way that Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice allowed the Bush regime to pretend it cared about black people while abandoning New Orleans...

discussing these issues makes hidden racists appear out of the woodworks, so there may be some benefit in pointing these things out. I don't throw 'uncle Tom' around, because I think that the oppression that say, Ayaan Ali may have suffered from FGM and East African 'muslim' cultural abuse of women, is real enough - but why is it that when immigrant muslim women (social activists, feminists etc) step forward and say that Irshad and Ayaan don't speak for them, and that Islam is free from the blame directed at it, they're ignored in favour of the apostate / lesbians?

If it was just the media, I could understand the 'lowest common denominator' of "sex/ politics sells", but when it's neo-spawns [neo-conservatives] and other groups, I think it's good to peer deeper under the carpet, and see what is their agenda.