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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dispatches from Bizarro World

There's some fascinating stuff just a click or two away from Pajamas Media's left sidebar.


- LaShawn Barber, who is black, praising a man who believes blacks don't deserve equal opportunities, because they're innately stupid.

- Robert Spencer, who is a fervent enlistee in the Global War Cyber-Jihad on Terror™, arguing that the invasion of Iraq has paved the way for shari'a law there and was thus, presumably, a colossal waste of time and resources.

- Charles Johnson, who has made a lucrative career out of bashing "the left," repeating a lizard's assertion that "LGF is not a right-wing blog," and then -- three hours later -- citing another right-wing blogger's assertion that LGF is the "right-wing equivalent" of DailyKos.

What an interesting world we live in.


MJ said...

Pajamas Media? Who they?

scott said...

I made a mistake with that assertion on my blog. LGF is not a "right-wing version" of Kos. They are completely different.

LGF is intelligent, relevant and contains links to important humanitarian news of the day. Kos is not anything remotely like that.

LB said...

I bet you were shocked when you realized we don't all look alike. Contrary to popular opinion, we don't all THINK alike, either. Amazing world!

I tread where others fear to tread, exploring controversial and "dangerous" ideas. No physical or mental chains on me.

Winston Smith said...

Yes, Kos and LGF are two different things altogether.

("Kos and LGF are two different things.")

Consider, for example, this one Kos post, which contains more fresh, original, thought-provoking content than an entire day's worth of Charles Johnson's output.

Miss Barber, if you're the one who posted as "lb", thanks for stopping by! And as long as we're on the subject of DailyKos, you might be particularly interested by this piece on "Christian Nationalism," which is dangerous idea indeed.

MJ said...

Surely the real LB wouldn't play the 'race card' so frivolously?

"I bet you were shocked when you realized we don't all look alike."

I mean c'mon.

scott said...

Wow, Winston. I saw nothing dealing with human rights around the world or to be honest, anything of significance.

Anti-Bush would sum up that entire post.

Thanks so much for making my point so eloquently.

Winston Smith said...

Well, Kos has always focused more on U.S. affairs than international ones. When's the last time Charles Johnson discussed, say, the Alternative Minimum Tax? Or, for that matter, the teaching of creationism in American schools?

MJ said...

An even easier question is when has Charles ever discussed anything regarding US politics without shilling for the Bush administration....

KOS is American politics. LGF is wall to wall Muslim hatred and the occasional stab at liberals.

The difference is obvious. While there is a lot of editorial, opinion and content on KOS....Charles cuts and pastes the MSM and ads a line or two of sark.

Charles Johnson hasn't got an original thought in his head.

Sorry, correction....he had one semi-original thought.

Let's make money out of anti-Muslim bigotry.

scott said...

"KOS is American politics".

No, Kos is Democrat politics and he is currently 0-17 with candidates he's endorsed, which of course sums up the Democratic party well.

Kos is what is wrong with your party and you just don't see it. Paleo-liberals in your party are shunned (I.E. Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman) for speaking their minds and taking moral stands.

You have drifted so far left that the center-left is conservative to you.

What happened to the JFK mindset? JFK would be appalled at where his party has gone and what they have become.

Shan said...

Scott, you ask on your blog, "You tell me who has the more important posts."

The comparison is between LGF's usual cut and paste "Find shit Muslims are doing" and some Kos posts on the NSA scandal.

To you, perhaps, bolting the doors, clutching at your breast in fear of the hordes of brown people coming to take your jobs (Mexicans) and/or lives (Muslims), LGF may seem important.

For others, like me, who have regular jobs, regular lives, regular loves, the NSA scandal is far more important. I could give two shits what some Muslim degenerate is doing 10,000 miles away (anyway, in case you haven't noticed, the crime rate in the U.S. is not exactly zero, either). I do care, however, that my privacy is being breached by my government.

The difference, I suppose, is that you choose to live your life in fear, looking over your shoulder in paranoia. To you, anything the government does is acceptable as long as you feel secure. I choose to live my life embracing the world, it's many textures and flavors. You are afraid of the other; I work with and live with and love the other.

It is a difference in worldview, to be sure, nothing more, and normally I may pity you. However, your ilk is currently in power; I ain't got time for pity.


Winston Smith said...

"Kos is Democrat politics"

And LGF is Republican politics. So there you go.

scott said...

Shan, sadly, you are so far off. Read what I've written about the immigration issue. Just search my site. I have no problems with immigration except to identify who is coming here.

The so-called "NSA" scandal is not one. Verizon, Bellsouth and others have said they did not participate. In other words, just like the Rove indictment story, the USA Today story appears to have been very wrong. I mean, if you omit the facts and all, it was a pretty good story.

Believe me, I'm vigilant against terrorism because I've seen in the wreck that was Kuwait City after the Iraqi's were forced out what these people are capable of in the name of Allah. I watched the WTC crumble to the ground because Muslim terrorists flew planes full of decent people into them. It's a real threat no matter how many times you tell yourself it isn't.

Believe me, I'm not afraid the other, I'm afraid of what that particular other has been taught to believe and the means the "other" will utilize to accomplish his goals.

I have kids and I have a beautiful wife of 14-years, I have a great life.

So did the people in the towers and the planes who were killed for no reason.

adultmalebluegrouse said...

It's a stretch suggesting LGF has any equivalence with Kos. Daily Kos has a broad interest of politics in general.
From memory I think Kos himself has a politics degree - they're political activists who run a blog as part of their political activity.

LGFs sphere of interest is very, very, very narrow. The general knowledge of the forum is extremely poor and Johnson's level of political reasoning and experience is many orders of magnitude less than anyone who posts at Daily Kos.

I suppose I can only agree with the comment that the 'closest' the right has to Kos - is LGF.

And in what topsy-turvy parallel universe can LGF can be described as ‘intelligent’?!

LGF main page posts? - Johnson doesn't 'do' writing. He cuts and pastes other people’s content. Highlights a word or two. Types a bit of snide derision then leaves it to the ’Doids.

Or do you mean the forum is intelligent? Ridiculous. The forum is a single-issue echo echo room populated by nodding dogs. No debate. Ever. Single. Word. Posts. by the score.
Show me one single intelligent, insightful comment by a LizaDroid in the last 24 hours on any subject and I’ll drop five dollars in Chuckie’s tip jar.

Shan said...

A quick note about Johnson's style of analysis: if it weren't for adjectives or adverbs, the man would have nothing to write.

To wit:

"Iranian designated madman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad thumbed his nose at the European Union’s monumentally unserious “incentives” today."

Now, without the adjectives and adverbs:

"Iranian Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rejected the European Union's incentives today."

In other words, he's taken a fairly dry news item and added modifiers. Is that what passes for "intelligent commentary" on the right?

scott said...

That's ten times more than Atrios over five days. Cut me a break.

Winston Smith said...

Oh, so now LGF is the right-wing equivalent of Atrios.

That's a bit closer to the mark, actually...