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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Context is everything

Yesterday Charles reported that last month, "LGF had nearly one and a half million unique visitors."

Pretty impressive!

Until you read the following post from October 2004:

10/14/2004: LGF Approaches 4 Million a Month

Interesting LGF site statistics:

Last 30 days
Total visitors: 3,969,823
Unique (counted once per day) visitors: 3,094,882


Of course, the autumn of 2004 was smack-dab in the middle of the U.S. Presidential election, when all partisan political blogs -- not just Charles' -- were extremely busy. And 1.5 million visitors per month is nothing to sneeze at. But still, the lizards' self-congratulatory circle-jerk on the occasion of Charles getting half as much traffic as he got 18 months ago is pretty sad.

Though we do like this comment from a certain "pauldow" at #29:
Does that mean this site can now be considered part of the "Mainstream media?"

Let's see...

Nonstop cheerleading for the political, economic, and military élite of the world's most powerful country? Check.

Censoring comments that might embarrass the site? Check.

Starting a blog venture with a few dozen other writers, most of whom have ties to mainstream conservative publications like the Wall Street Journal and the National Review? Check.

Unrelenting and unabashed bias? Check.

Complete lack of accountability and transparency? Check.

Tunnel vision? Check.

An inflated view of its own importance? Check.

Perhaps Charles and his minions should heed the words of Joseph Stalin, whose methods -- if not politics -- are disturbingly similar to those advocated by a certain element of the lizardoid community. In March 1930, in a speech called "Dizzy With Success," Stalin remarked,
Hence the party’s task is to consolidate the successes achieved and to utilise them systematically for our further advancement.

But the successes have their seamy side, especially when they are attained with comparative “ease” — “unexpectedly” so to speak. Such successes sometimes induce a spirit of vanity and conceit: “We can achieve anything!”, “There is nothing we can’t do!” People not infrequently become intoxicated by such successes; they become dizzy with success, lose all sense of proportion and the capacity to understand realities; they show a tendency to overrate their own strength and to underrate the strength of the enemy; adventurist attempts are made to solve all questions of socialist construction “in a trice.” In such a case, there is no room for concern to consolidate the successes achieved and to utilise them systematically for further advancement. Why should we consolidate the successes achieved when, as it is, we can dash to the full victory of socialism “in a trice”: “We can achieve anything!”, “There is nothing we can’t do!”

For "socialist/socialism" substitute "anti-idiotarianist/anti-Islamomarxohispanofemienvironazi-ism." Dizzy with success, Charles and his minions have turned into sad parodies of the thing they claim to hate the most.


indiacorporatewatch said...

Guys you are doing a great job

I am just so sick and tired of reading their biased news

Not that they are forcing me to read it but the fact that people so unquestioningly swallow their one sided stories makes me sick....

A.Q. said...

Interesting that, even with the elections (LGF is not exactly specifically focused on electroal politics) the numbers would drop off that much.