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Saturday, May 13, 2006

The blame game

Unable to blame Islam for the murders of a black woman and a white toddler by a white Belgian with ties to his wife's political party, Paul Beliën blames abortion and euthanasia instead.

Yes, really.

As a poor widdle victim of the jackbooted PC Islamo-Homo-Marxo-Femino-Enviro-Nazi Thought Police, Beliën has a persecution complex that makes Job look like Woody Allen. In his apologia for the neo-neo-Nazi Vlaams Belang party, he whines,

Following Hans Van Themsche’s killing spree, however, his aunt is guilty by association, and so is the entire party. The Belgian government has strongly condemned the shootings, describing them as an extreme form of racism. Guilty, too, is this website because the writer of this article happens to be married to another VB member of parliament. Today a far-left organisation, the Progress Lawyers Network (PLN), attacked The Brussels Journal in a press release, and demanded that “Paul Beliën be prosecuted for his recent publications.” Tomorrow the Belgian media will parrot the message. I am a prolific and outspoken writer, which in Belgium is not tolerated from a Conservative.

The text of the press release (pdf, in Dutch Flemish -- warning: annoying popups) is here. A partial rough translation:
[The murders] are a direct consequence of a non-stop hate campaign that the Vlaams Belang has been conducting for years, and of a policy that systematically curtails the rights of migrants, refugees, and illegals.

They're also a symptom of the complete impunity that is enjoyed by people who commit racist and discriminatory words and deeds.

Racism and discrimination became punishable offenses through laws enacted in 1981 and 2003. Racism is not an opinion that can be freely stated. But this has gradually been forgotten. The climate against these sorts of offenses has become unjustifiably tolerant. The number of prosecutions based on the anti-racism law of 1981, despite the fact that racism has grown exponentially since then, has been very small: 135 during the period from 1981 to 2003, or around 6 per year. There were only 8 in 2004-2005, or 4 per year.


Paul Beliën, husband of Vlaams Belang member Alexandra Colen, published an article entitled "Give Us Weapons," containing the following hate speech aimed directly at the entire immigrant community, for which he was neither prosecuted nor arrested: "The predators have teeth and claws. The predators have knives. From childhood, during each yearly bloodbath, they've learned how to kill warm-blooded prey. We become nauseous at the sight of blood; they don't. They are trained; they are armed. We're not even allowed to carry pepper spray in our pockets. They have butchers' knives and they know how to use them."

The press release goes on to list recent race-related crimes in Flanders:
In August 2002, at a scout camp, two young men were murdered in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver. The murderer had an extreme-right background. Then there were the attacks by skinheads in Brugge against a black man and his Belgian friend, the arson of a house in Kortrijk owned by a Moroccan family, and the African man who was run over at a petrol station.

Incidentally, the Beliën quote above did not appear on the English version of the Brussels Journal website. If you want to know what Beliën and his fellow-travelers really think about ethnic minorities, gays, etc., you have to check out the Dutch site. Here you can read Beliën's latest whine about how the Antwerp murders are being described as "racist," and how quickly tributes to the victims are being organized. Here's a lovely piece defending Poland against those on the European Left who criticize it for its reactionary views on abortion and homosexuality. And here's a sample of Beliën's jihad against those to whom he refers as "fucking journalists."

And he wonders why he can't get published.

Getting back to the Antwerp murders, at least one Dutch-speaking commenter has called Beliën on his bullshit:
What did Hans [van Themsche, the Antwerp murderer] learn from childhood in his nice Flemish family? "Give us weapons"?
"The bandits who have gotten everything from our society -- free education, child subsidies, social security -- murder our children because they were caught smoking."
I'm just paraphrasing Mr. Beliën's words, a few days after the MP3-murder.

You remember the "MP3 murder" -- the horrific killing, one month ago, of a teenager in Brussels over an MP3 player. At the time, everyone assumed the murderer was a Muslim Arab, and the right-wing blog élite responded accordingly, with an orgy of Muslim-bashing -- which abruptly ceased when it became known that the murderer was actually from Poland.

As for whether Beliën should actually be prosecuted for contributing to the climate of race hatred that led to the Antwerp murders, that's a matter for the Belgian courts. The whole question of whether incitement to racial violence should be illegal is separate from the issue at hand: namely, whether Beliën broke the law. And whether he should be entitled to an exemption just because he happens not to be a radical imam.

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