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Monday, May 15, 2006

Belien agonistes

Now Paul Beliën is claiming that he's being personally attacked by the Prime Minister of Belgium, Guy Verhofstadt, for allegedly contributing to the climate of hatred that led to last week's murders in Antwerp.

There's just one thing: he hasn't provided even the tiniest shred of evidence of this, and a cursory search of Belgian news and government sites has revealed no such statement by Verhofstadt. Nor does Luc van Braekel, who contributes to the Brussels Journal in addition to being its webmaster (not to mention a member of Pajamas Media). In his roundup of reactions to the murders, he repeats a statement Verhofstadt made on Friday, in which he (Verhofstadt) blames the "far right." Even those of you who don't understand Dutch will be able to discern that the words "Paul Beliën" do not appear therein.

Of course it's impossible to prove a negative, and for all we know, Verhofstadt has personally phoned Beliën and blamed him for the deaths. Though we suspect that the Prime Minister of Belgium has better things to do than make crank calls to an obscure religious extremist.

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