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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Darfur divestment

Here's a divestment campaign even a lizard could love. And it's starting to bear fruit -- even at the very heart of the nexus of the epicenter of all that is evil in American academia: the University of California.

University of California students celebrated a clear victory Thursday as their regents agreed to take a foreign policy stand and pull millions of investment dollars from war-torn Sudan, where mass killings have left tens of thousands dead.

With 100 students locked arm-in-arm urging divestment, regents voted unanimously during a meeting at UCLA to gradually sell off holdings in nine multinational energy and engineering companies and put economic pressure on the Sudanese government to end the violence.

While the measure didn't go as far as students had originally proposed, it was a significant stride from two months ago when regents offered only a review of four companies. The vote was the second time - since divestment to protest South Africa's apartheid regime in the 1980s - that a human rights issue had influenced the system to sell off interests.

"UC made a decision that was a model. UC can be a catalyst for the nation," said Adam Sterling, a UCLA student and co-chairman of the UC Sudan Divestment Taskforce. Experts agree, saying its significance goes beyond the targeted companies.

We won't be expecting to see any discussion of this in "TheBlogosphere" -- in the world according to Green Footballs Little Media Pajamas, "divestment" and "Darfur" are code words for "anti-Semitism" and "Islamo-Marxist hypocrisy" respectively, and this campaign involves neither. All the more reason for us to hope that this campaign gains momentum and can force real change in Sudan. Because sometimes, divestment is a good idea. And it works.

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