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Monday, March 06, 2006

Brokeback Minyan

The outpouring of glee in "TheBlogosphere" over the failure of Brokeback Mountain to win the Best Picture Oscar® may turn out to be short-lived.

The top lawmaking body of Conservative Judaism is poised to vote next week on whether to overturn the movement's ban on same-sex marriages and the ordination of openly gay clergy.

The Committee on Jewish Law and Standards, a 25-member panel of rabbis and lay leaders, will convene next week in Maryland to revisit its 1992 consensus statement on homosexuality. In recent years, pressure to reopen the issue has come from lay people through the movement's congregational arm, the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, as well as from rabbinical students and rabbis.

How will the lovely Pamela -- Pajamastan's favorite Randian -- cope with this news? Presumably by launching further diatribes against her nemesis -- a pudgy, fashion-challenged, middle-aged man whom she describes as a "little girl", then a few sentences later as a "woman" (that was one quick puberty, that was!). His supporters are apparently "animals" whose "misogyny knows no bounds."

No, I'm not making this up.

Pamela honey, once you're done wiping Bolton's spooge off your chin and reapplying your lip gloss, maybe you could ask your fellow AIPAC conference attendees what they think about the prospect of feygeleh rabbis. Keeping in mind that virulent homophobia -- not to mention general cuntiness -- is a hallmark of our Islamo-fascist enemies.


Nuclear Cop said...

It's no surprise that a Randian would consider the feminine to be pejorative.

elemental said...

It's the silver lining of horrible stories like this:

United Nations: U.S. Aligned With Iran in Anti-Gay Vote

If nothing else, at least there is hope that the Pamelas and Debbie Schlussels of the world head's will explode.