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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Meanwhile, in America

In New Bedford, Massachusetts, three people were injured in an attack on a gay bar.

In Portland, Oregon, two people were stabbed in an anti-gay attack.

And in Washington, the government has caved in to a group of anti-gay religious extremists who were demanding the removal of a Web page about substance-abuse issues among gay people.

But because no Danish flags were burned in the course of any of these events, the amount of coverage they can expect to receive in "TheBlogosphere" is approximately nil. Such incidents of anti-gay violence, and craven capitulation to religious sensitivities, apparently aren't newsworthy unless they occur in "Eurabia."

(On the other hand, some corners of "TheBlogosphere" are keenly interested in restricting the free-expression rights of a different group of anti-gay religious extremists, because of their nasty habit of protesting at funerals -- something they've been doing for at least fifteen years, but that has only recently come to the attention of warbloggers, because now the Westboro Baptist "Church" is targeting military funerals. Where was the "Patriot Guard" back when Fred Phelps and his evil minions were regularly screaming "God Hates Fags" at people mourning AIDS victims?)


moonbat monitor said...


bigger threat to humanity?

gay-bashers or islamic fundmentalists?

what do y'all think?

Winston Smith said...

Are those the only two choices?

What about viral pandemics, oil depletion, and climate change?

Brad said...

Your point that attacks against gays happens in the US is undeniable, but I think you should put it in context. The US is a large country with nearly 3x10 8 citizens, millions of whom are gay. The fact that some violent creeps commit acts of assault against a few people does not represent "meanwhile, in america." The implication that such acts are typical is disingenuous and wrong.

Winston Smith said...

Well, the EU has 450 million citizens, and if two Muslim maniacs had perpetrated two violent attacks against gay men in two different European cities within two days, the news would undoubtedly be discussed with, as you say, the implication that such acts are typical.

Besides, if you take a look at Pajamas Media, you'll see a solid wall of Cartoongate coverage. There are other things happening in the world, believe it or not.

adultmalebluegrouse said...

I wouldn't distinguish between any type of religious fundamentalism. Why do you MM? Why is Islam so special. Its because of 9/11 right? "It changed everything". Is that when you started taking notice of the world outside?

Ask Iraqis or Palestinians who the biggest threat of violence to them would be.
A US Christian president who tells lies to start a war against a country and occupies it indefinitely then claims he is personally guided by God is a proven, serious and clear danger to humanity.