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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Keep digging

From DoubleClick's prospectus aimed at the Asia-Pacific market (which evidently consists of just China):

Since 1998, marketers and publishers in China have relied on DoubleClick technologies to help the success of their business. DoubleClick has not only extended its portfolio, but also its presence by having offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. DoubleClick also contributes to the growth of the digital marketing industry by educating the market through local conferences such as Insight China,
breakfast forums, and regular seminars. DoubleClick's technology, research, trend reports and know-how are widely adopted and seen as the standard across the industry.

In China, consumers are embracing new forms of media and communication. They're browsing in one channel and shopping in another. In this increasingly data-driven world, DoubleClick remains at the forefront of helping marketers efficiently reach consumers. As your business scales for the era of multi-channel marketing, let us help make your marketing work better.

And now, the punchline:
Join this list of clients who are experiencing the benefits that DoubleClick's suite of products can bring: NetEase, Mindshare/mOne, eachnet/eBay China, People Daily, Shanghai Online, OgilvyOne.

People Daily is, of course, a propaganda mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party.

And DoubleClick is the company whose services Pajamas Media is using to help spread its message about how evil Google is for kowtowing to the Chinese Communist Party.

Now, far be it from us to suggest that Roger el-Simon is willfully overlooking Doubleclick's China connections. Oh, what the hell -- damn straight he's overlooking them! And surely the right-wing élite's corps of Keyboard Kommandos, who have had no trouble swallowing the lie that Jack Abramoff shoveled cash directly into Democrats' pockets, will also easily see the connection between Pajamas Media and the Chinese Communist Party, both of whom are indisputably shoveling cash into Doubleclick's pockets.

So remember, the next time you're looking at a PJM site and you see an ad for NetFlix or Sheraton or the U.S. Republican Party or Agis Health Insurance (a Dutch company whose ads some web-surfers in the Netherlands are now seeing on PJM sites), you're looking at direct evidence of a sinister connection between Roger el-Simon and the ChiComs.

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