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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fun with Ctrl-H

That's the keyboard shortcut for "replace," for those of you who are Windows-illiterate.

Now, some thoughts on the Olympics from a prominent commentator.

I like it when Germany wins. I like it when our greatness is undeniable. I do not worry about whether or not other countries get their feelings hurt or feel inadequate. I like it when our greatness compels other to try harder and be better. More adequate competition means our wins are even more impressive.

We are the best for a reason--Germans are used to earning what they have. We embrace competition and personal excellence. Are [sic] athletes do well because they want to, not because their nation threatens them if they don't.

We live in a world that repeatedly tells Germans to tone down our pride for our nation. We are told to contain our potential, to not be overtly illustrative of our excitement for ourselves and our nation. I say--hogwash! To ignore or dismiss our achievements and greatness is meant to have the affect of wiping it away, of ultimately making us unsure of who and what we are. Making Germans afraid to think honestly about our greatness is indeed an effort to politically lobotomize us.

Why? Because if a nation's past, greatness, and heroes are killed, the nation itself disappears. We would also begin to think that we are just like everyone else--and then moral equalivalency [sic] sets in. Corrupt and depraved nations prefer the just and great to not see themselves honestly, specifically because then there would be no counterpoint to understand the differences between good and bad.

So, all in all, let the Olympics once again be an example of Germans' greatness for so many different reasons--because Germans are happy, healthy, and good people. Because we embrace the individual and raise up the special and talented. Because we are a nation worthy of greatness, because we are compassionate and good.

Our Olympians represent the success freedom brings. Wish them all luck and every time the anthem is played, put your hand over your heart, and thank God for the blessing of being a German.

Go Germany!!

Creepy? You bet. But no less so than the original.


Nuclear Cop said...

I wonder if Pajamas Media has applied for a licence to use the Olympic rings in connection with their logo?

They might want to have a quick read of how Olympic trademarks are protected. When you're a 2-bit blogger you can go crazy with Olympic rings on your site. However when you're a supposed media organisation selling advertising space and you incorporate another organisation's logo into your own, that's a trademark infringement.

That's why on nbc/espn you'll see the rings incorporated into their logo, but on cnn/si, they've got some pissy wavy lines.

adultmalebluegrouse said...

Celebration and fanfares of empire always seems to come at its peak and not before. By the time an empire says 'Yay! we're here' it starts falling out of the tree.

Wingnut proponents of US power grabs and empire expansion seem to think theyre the first and its never been done a million times before over human history. None of them last forever.

Pilsen Books said...

Someone should tell Miss Bruce that the one and only time that the USA 'won' the Winter Olympics was in 1932.

Winston Smith said...

I suppose the rulers of Pajamastan could (and, if push comes to shove, will) argue that because they don't reproduce the entire Olympic logo on their stupid little cartoon blouse, there's no infringement.

But if the IOC can force the organizers of the "Gay Olympics" to drop the "O" word (now they're merely the Gay Games) then there's no reason to think they'd tolerate PJM appropriating their logo, either.

Winston Smith said...

"the one and only time that the USA 'won' the Winter Olympics was in 1932"

Not only that, but since reunification Germany has out-medaled every other country (except in Norway in 1994).

And they've just taken the first Gold in Torino!

All together now...


Pilsen Books said...

All that time I spent as a kid collecting stamps has finally paid off because I remember now that the 1932 Winter Games were in Lake Placid, NY given my memory of the commemorative stamp. Perhaps there was a little home cooking with the refs?