Little Green Footballs

Monday, February 06, 2006

Dear Michelle Malkin,

Read this.

Then bite me.


gcauthon said...

I hate when bloggers feel the need to report that a rival blogger is not reporting something. OMG! where is the XYZ's outrage?! The silence from XYZ is deafening!! Who really cares?

Qadeeb al-Ban said...

I just want to say thanks for all of your efforts in regards to the ongoing cartoon crisis.

I recently posted an article or two in which I demonstrated that what Daniel Pipes, Michelle Malkin and other pundits have been doing is similiar to the propaganda that Nazi propagandists like Julius Streicher produced in order to dehumanize Jews in the minds of the Deutsch volk. I address this specifically in my recent blog posting Hate-Mongers Beware....

I've also posted a detailed response to Daniel Pipes' most recent article, which I've entitled Danish Cartoons, Double-Standards and Daniel Pipes".

Two other articles that address issues raised in the current crisis are: Why Muslims Are Angry... and An Idiot's Guide to Offensive Cartoons.

God bless, thanks again and PLEASE keep up the good work!

Qadeeb al-Ban Harris