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Friday, January 06, 2006

U.S. Fascism Watch

Via HuffPo:

I made it a point to arrive very early at the airport. My reservation was confirmed before I left home. I went to the electronic kiosk and punched in my confirmation number to print out my boarding pass and luggage tags. Another error message appeared, "Please see agent."

I did. She took my Texas driver's license and punched in the relevant information to her computer system.

"I'm sorry, sir," she said. "There seems to be a problem. You've been placed on the No Fly Watch List."

"Excuse me?"

"I'm afraid there isn't much more that I can tell you," she explained. "It's just the list that's maintained by TSA to check for people who might have terrorist connections."

Jim Moore wrote an anti-Bush book. And now he has to get the government's permission every time he wants to fly somewhere.

For those who applaud the persecution of Jim Moore, here's a simple question:

Would you want a President Hillary Clinton to have that kind of power?


Pere Ubu said...

Now the FAA wants to use that no-fail never-wrong "no-fly" list to screen people going into space.

Looks like going to Mars won't be an option for getting away from BushCo either...

Roxabunch said...

I've been stopped several times by the no-fly list and I'm beginning to wonder what it is that's making that happen. Is it something as minute as a mailing list or a political contribution? (Neither of which, by the way, have been to very radical organizations. Unless you think NPR is radical.)

X said...

Tells us more, Roxabunch.