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Friday, January 13, 2006


By an uncanny coincidence, the day after a member of the Saurian Horde meekly asked,

Am I going overboard here by saying "death to demoRATS?"

Dave Neiwert at Orcinus uncovered sartorial evidence that plenty of others share that particular fantasy.

Which at least has a certain pithiness, as compared to the substitute fantasy proffered by the aforementioned reptile, after he was upbraided -- in an extremely half-assed manner -- by some of his co-lizards, to wit:
Ok. Instead of wishing death upon them, how about.....ragging case of hemorrhoids to match their faces, crabs, lice, genital warts(face and privates{improvement for some}), flaming diarrhea that not only causes them great pain and discomfort, but also causes the rhoids to explode every 30 mins......what else what else? Ah, they are forced to Feltch each other everytime they blame Pres. Bush.

And they wonder why people say mean things about them.

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Pere Ubu said...

So, lemme get this straight here.

If Chuckie and his Mongoloid Hordes scream "DEATH! DEATH! KILL THE INFIDELS!" that's presumbably perfectly fine 'n dandy with certain folks.

But if Ted Kennedy says bad things that make Mrs. Alito cry, that's beyond the pale of civility and shows what an EVIL EVIL EVIL person Senator Kennedy is.

Okay, then.