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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Quote unquote

Little Pajamas Green Media Footballs are normally among the very first to gloat whenever an outlet of the eeeeevil MSM gets egg on its collective face, but so far they've been mysteriously silent about CNN's latest embarrassment:

IRNA reported Monday that the Iranian government banned CNN journalists from working in the country after a translation error broadcast by CNN mistakenly quoted Iran's president as saying his nation has the right to build nuclear weapons.

CNN was not informed directly by the Iranian government that it was banned from the country.

The dispute arises from a moment of simultaneous translation Saturday.

As Ahmadinejad was speaking, an interpreter working for a translation company hired by CNN misquoted him as having said Iran has the right to build nuclear weapons. In fact, he said Iran has the right to nuclear energy, and that "a nation that has civilization does not need nuclear weapons." He added, "our nation does not need them."

We won't be a bit surprised if the erroneous soundbite "Iran has the right to build nuclear weapons" enters the lexicon of the right-wing élite, right alongside the persistent belief that President Clinton was responsible for Ruby Ridge (which occurred the summer before he was inaugurated).

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