Little Green Footballs

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Librulz r fagits LOL!!!1!111!!

That, we assume, was the original title of the lovely Pamela's fag-baiting photo essay, before she ran it through her spell checker.

"Love is a many-splendid thing" indeed. So here, for your browsing enjoyment, are a few more photos of leading news-makers behaving in a less-than-100%-heterosexual manner.

What is it about Republicans, anyway?

UPDATE: Reader Teddy points us to the ultimate Republican Hardcore:

Eh, thanks Teddy.


Steve said...

Pammy's little photo essay wasn't her first foray into homophobia. She shrilly accused James Wolcott of being, uh, Royalty or something.
I do feel very very sorry for her daughters.

PS. Seems she didn't make the "cut" as a "PJ Blogger" according to Squeaky's new hierarchy. "Ingratitude... sharper than a serpeant's tooth..."

moonbat monitor said...

I strongly suggest someone starting an "atlas watch" blog. And please put plenty of pictures of pam up.

It's sure to increase traffic. She's hot.

adultmalebluegrouse said...

Theres hotchicks aplenty on the internets. I wouldnt single Pam out as special.

Its a great idea though, Pablo. I mean moonbat monitor. Go for it! She loves attention.

moonbat monitor said...

nope, sorry. I'm not your arch nemesis "pablo."

I'm sure the owner of this blog could verify that by looking at ip addresses.