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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A few Tuesday thoughts

As of this writing, Little Green Pajamas Media Footballs has yet to rev up its Gloat-O-Matic over today's confirmation of Sam Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court. I'll bet a whole euro that most of the right-wing élite's reaction, as "rounded up" at Green Footballs Little Footballs Media, will center on how the other side is reacting.

One topic we'd like to see discussed -- especially here -- is the fact that one of the votes to confirm Alito came from none other than Sen. Robert Byrd (D - WV). On a certain level, his support of Alito makes perfect sense. But will this spell an end to Byrd-bashing among the "Mary Jo Kopechne died on 9/12" crowd?

Speaking of the lovely Pamela, we notice that Sheraton ads are back in rotation at Pajamas Media. One wonders how some of these folks would enjoy seeing their fine product advertised right next to a typical foam-flecked Pameloid rant. [Starwood is Sheraton's parent company.] Why, some of them might be so upset, they'll find themselves lying awake in their Sweet Sleeper BedsSM. Tsk.

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