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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Dutch intifada

Unbeknownst to either Charles or "The Blogosphere," the past couple of days have seem some alarming developments in Amsterdam.

On Wednesday evening around 11:00 pm, some Moroccan youths caused disturbances in Slotervaart [an outer Amsterdam neighborhood with a large immigrant population - ed.]. A car on the Hart Nibbrigstraat was set on fire. Just before midnight, the windows of a police station on the August Alleb├ęplein [square -ed.] were smashed. Emotions were running high after the death of a 17-year-old youth on Tuesday. Thanks to appeals for calm from area parents and leaders, the situation did not escalate further and calm returned. The police arrest two rioters.

The proximate cause of the disturbances was an incident that occurred the previous night, in which a scooter rider had a fatal crash while being pursued by police.

Well, there you have it. Yet more proof that the Netherlands is just a matter of months -- if not days -- from becoming the newest province in the Neo-Andalusian Caliphate of Eurabistan.

We'll be anxiously awaiting the fevered, furrowed-brow discussion of this latest atrocity over at Little Open Pajamas Media Footballs. We'll also expect a hat tip, because in the world according to Pajamas Little Media Green Footballs, the very first blogger (or at least the very first English-language blogger) to report a story, owns the story.

We will, of course, be monitoring the situation and providing further updates as events warrant.

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