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Sunday, January 29, 2006

The $7 million blog

Exciting news from LA, Sydney, and Barcelona!

Pajamas Media has now re-purposed its branding and crafted a new vehicle to better leverage its synergies. As part of its new paradigm, PJM has incorporated elements of interactivity and other measures designed to foster a sense of temporal continuity and greater user involvement.

In other words: Pajamas Media has evolved -- again. Into a blog. With comments! And timestamps! And a blogroll! And RSS headline feeds!

How staggeringly exciting and ground-breaking. Kudos to PJ Media for spending millions of bucks and several months to "invent" an online information-sharing format that was already au courant three years ago. Oh, and we rather like the new new logo too -- at least it resembles a pair of pajamas (albeit the sort you might expect to be issued at a psychiatric hospital), as opposed to a kimono.


adultmalebluegrouse said...

Love those management clich├ęs.

"We're always shifting the paradigm. We believe thinking inside the box is the new 'thinking outside the box.'"

(Pajamas media)

outsourced said...

So, I don't understand. In what sense is Pajamas Media now a Media company? Nobody appears to be writing content for them, it's just a site for aggregating a few dozen blogs. They might as well call it Planet Neocon.

I don't understand how they could need seven million dollars to do what any teenager with a cheap hosting account could do.