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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Dona nobis pacem

A month ago, four men who took the message Dona nobis pacem seriously were kidnapped in Iraq -- and the lizards reacted in an all-too-predictable manner.

The family of hostage Norman Kember are launching fresh appeals for their release.

Will the lizards declare a Christmas truce to honor the birth of the Prince of Peace? Will they hell. Hey, there's a little Christmas tree on the LGF logo -- isn't that enough?

Oh, and am I the only one who noticed that the preliminary "holiday" version of the LGF logo contained a Christmas tree only, and no menorah? At some point during the past couple of days, Charles apparently realized his faux pas and added the menorah. Silly Charles. Doesn't he realize how horribly, hopelessly PC it is to conflate Christmas with other holidays?!

Speaking of holiday logos, we can't help noticing that PajamasMedia™ has also updated their logo for the season, adopting a nifty red and green color scheme in place of the usual blue and orange (now where did they ever get that idea?):

Can't imagine why they didn't they color it this way instead:

On second thought, maybe I can.

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