Little Green Footballs

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Do as I say

"I don’t want to leave France and I can’t stay."

- Nidra Poller, two years ago.

She stayed, having apparently decided that the popular wingnut aphorism "Love it or leave it" simply doesn't apply to sophisticated, exalted creatures like herself. Besides, for someone whose career is devoted to bashing France, the French, and Europeans generally, there's no place like Paris. As "people in the know... know," the food is pretty nice, too.

Crusading truth-seeker that she is, she might find it useful to take a break from her grueling Christmas-shopping schedule to nip up to Bondy and have a chat with the Swiss journalists who have set up shop there. For if Ms. Poller can survive and thrive for 30+ years in the capital of "Eurabia," surely a little jaunt on the RER will hold no terrors for her.

And who knows? She might actually learn something about "what's going on in the banlieues."

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