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Thursday, December 01, 2005


Pajamas Media claims that the news that a French woman has undergone a partial face transplant is causing "a lot of rubbernecking on [sic] the blogosphere".

To support this claim, they provide a whopping four links, one of which goes to a blog called "Blogywood," whose entire post about the operation goes like this:

Let's hope that many French will follow her example

Puerile French-bashing aside, what's especially interesting about "Blogywood" is its rather, um, unconventional selection of posts and links. In fact, it wouldn't be too inaccurate to label it a "sex blog." Or at least an "adult blog." Elsewhere on the current front page, you can find links to, among other things, a man pretending to barbecue his penis. And lots and lots of boobies.

Not that there's anything wrong with that (the boobies, I mean, not the penis-barbecuing, which is very wrong indeed), but if Pajamas Media is trying to adopt a sober, grown-up approach to its mission of promoting "The Blogosphere," this might not be quite the way to do it.

Unless they want to become known as "BJ Media."

(Paging Luke Ford!)

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Richard said...

Thanks for yr post & the Luke Ford link to the other site. That comment thread (& his post about PJM) is hilarious! I'd heard about PJM's launch & tried to ignore. But if I'd known there was so much levity involved in watching their gradual demise, I would've paid more attention.