Little Green Footballs

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Yesterday Charles was driven into a shrieking frenzy at an AP report accusing Our Leader of cherry-picking good news from Iraq polls, and of seeking to deflect attention from Iraqis' concerns over the U.S. military presence to their hopes for a better future. According to Charles, the two questions -- even though they were both asked to the very same people in very the same poll -- are completely irrelevant to each other.

"The AP has set up a false dichotomy," fumes Charles.

Yesterday "Pajamas Media in Los Angeles" reported accusations from European Commission Vice-President Margot Wallström that Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo are conspiring with the Chinese government. The PJM report went on to cherry-pick comments from disgruntled readers on her blog, as it sought to deflect attention from Wallström's principled stance on freedom of speech into China to alleged EU initiatives to sell arms to China. Even though the two issues -- only one of which was mentioned by Wallström herself, or in a BBC News report tangentially alluded to by "Pajamas Media in Los Angeles" -- are completely irrelevant to each other.

You've set up a false dichotomy, "Pajamas Media in Los Angeles."

Oh, and did we mention that "Pajamas Media in Los Angeles" attempted to bolster its "argument" by citing blog comments?

Are you really sure you want to go there, "Pajamas Media in Los Angeles"?

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