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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Piling on

Blogosphere legend Steven den Beste is commenting on the fact that the Charles 'n' Roger Show's new name is already taken [no permalinks]. Very taken:

It would seem that the
new name
for Pajamas Media is Open Source Media. How 1990's
can you get? But this project seems to have all the makings of a dot-com-boom
pump-and-dump startup anyway, so that name is right in character. Back then, the
game was that the company only had to look exciting and viable until the IPO.
Once the VCs cashed out, usually the company did shortly thereafter.

I thought we had all outgrown that kind of thing. Is nostalgia back in
fashion again?

UPDATE: This is setting all kinds of records. For the first time ever, I
think, I'm glad to be routed to an
article by Atrios
. Seems that someone is already using the name "Open
Source media, Inc.
" This should definitely be amusing. Didn't anyone at
Pajamas Media do a trademark search before choosing their new name?
Does anyone over there know anything about how to run a business?

Roger el-Simon is right about one thing though: PJM OSM whatever new name they come up with if they're forced to abandon the current one, is already transforming the blogosphere. Thanks to his new visionary paradigm, partisan differences are being erased before our very eyes -- Atrios and den Beste, together at last!

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