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Thursday, November 24, 2005


Check out this massive outpouring of reactions on to the news of PJM™'s name change.

It's garnered 25 posts over the past 36 hours (or so). Or 14 less than the latest cat-lady story.

Quoth the last two people who actually bothered to post:

2005-11-23 05:47:02 PM dbaggins

It doesn't look good for Pajamas Media if farkers are scratching their heads and going "who?", even after their big launch party in NY.

farkers are their target demographic.

Pajamas Media tagline "oh noes, MSM gonna gitcha!!11!1"

2005-11-23 05:53:11 PM blackmagicweiner

If you think that LGF is some kind of anti-Arab site then you are sadly misinformed or just straight-up lying.


Here's the deal. LGF claims to be a place for reasonable repubs & post-9/11 dems to get together and discuss WOT issues.

If you go to LGF and say "F*ck the paelsimians, we oughta kill'em all, filthy goat-humpers, nuke Mecca" you will get a lot of air-kisses, high-fives and general applause.

If you object to the above, the others commenters will immediately denounce you as an "LLL moonbat" and the webmaster (Charles Johnson) will ban your IP and delete all your posts.

Then they will congratulate each other for "getting it" (as in "we get what the War on Terror is really about") and resolve to "stay the course" and not "go wobbly"

rinse, repeat

Bobbing for rotten heads of cabbage in a bucket of vomit would be more illuminating, and (dare I say) entertaining

But hey, if you dig it, who am I to judge?

It wasn't us. Honest.

And as long as we're talking about the impact of PJM™ on the global newsoblogoinfosphere, a Technorati search unsurprisingly reveals that the vast majority of blog posts referring to PJM™ are either about PJM™, or consist of PJM™ bigwigs citing PJM™ as a source of news -- more often than not, a source of news about PJM™.

Don't sell those Reuters shares yet, folks.

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