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Friday, November 25, 2005

OutRaged again

George Galloway's "Respect" party is in hot water again, over
allegations that one of its donors has ties to an Islamic political party that advocates bigotry against homosexuals.

Gay activists have called on George Galloway's Respect party to dissociate itself from a donor amid claims he is linked to a party that advocates homophobia.
Dr Mohammed Naseem stood for Respect in Perry Barr, Birmingham, at the last election and donated £15,457 to the party - 29% of its campaign budget.

But Dr Naseem is also an executive member of, and home affairs spokesman for, the Islamic Party of Britain, whose website says: "Islam condemns and outlaws homosexuality. As far as Islamic law is concerned, the state does not interfere in the privacy of people's homes, but it would need to safeguard public decency by preventing any public advocacy for homosexuality." Lewd public displays would attract the death penalty.

Note that the last sentence appears to be in the Guardian's own words, not those of the Islamic Party's website. But it appears to be consistent with radical Islam's view of homosexuality.

There follows a statement from Peter Tatchell of OutRage, whose tireless advocacy for gay rights we last noted in July.

Good for Peter. And good for the Guardian for reporting this. Now let's see how those oh-so-tolerant lizards react.

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